Madens Folkemøde is a new food festival which takes place 10 - 11 of May 2019 at Lolland-Falster in Denmark. More specifically, Engestofte Gods near Maribo.

People who work with food, or have an interest in food, will meet at this event to take part in the conversation about what kind of food country Denmark will be in the future.

Behind Madens Folkemøde is a group of Denmark's most significant voices when it comes to food. They believe that the conversation about the food we eat every day is more important than ever.

Madens Folkemøde will create a unique space for that conversation. The ambition is to create much more knowledge and conversation on subjects like nature, agriculture, food and food culture.

With debates, talks, workshops, a large food market and an area for children, we will create the best possible sorroundings for a constructive conversation about the future of food. 

We hope that you would like to join!