Madens Folkemøde is a new food festival and symposium which takes place on May 10-11 2019 at the islands of Lolland-Falster in Denmark. More specifically at Engestofte Gods near the town of Maribo.

Madens Folkemøde literally translates to People’s Food Gathering. You should join this event if you work with food or have an interest in what we eat and how culinary culture and food production should be in the future. Our ambition is to bring together the entire food scene of Denmark from the ocean and agriculture to the home kitchens and hospitality industry.

We want you to take part in the conversation about the future of Denmark as a leading culinary and food country.

Madens Folkemøde will create a unique space for that conversation. We want to produce and share much more knowledge and explore subjects like nature, agriculture, gastronomy and food with you on board.

Through debates, talks, workshops, a large food market and an area for children, we will create the best possible surroundings for a productive conversation about the future of food.

We hope that you would like to join!

Madens Folkemøde is the result of a collaboration between voluntary forces of some of the most significant food people in Denmark - from all links of the chain that begins in nature and ends on our plates.

We think that the conversation about our food and how we produce and consume it is more important than ever. Not only because of economic reasons but of cultural and environmental reasons as well.

Actually, this conversations is so essential that it deserves its own gathering.

This is who we are:

  • Chairman Kasper Fogh, Officer of Politics and Communication at Think Tank Cevea.
  • Vice Chairwoman Mette Egeskov, representant for Engestofte Gods.
  • Per Kølster, Chairman at The Organic Organisation of Denmark.
  • Henrik Høegh, Deputy Mayor at The City of Lolland.
  • Peter Engberg Jensen, Businessman, former CEO at Nykredit Bank.
  • Kim Rahbek Hansen, restaurateur og entrepeneur.
  • Anne Birgitte Agger, CEO at Copenhagen Hospitality College.
  • Lisbeth Olsgaard, Head of Branding at Danish Agriculture & Food Council.
  • Claus Meyer, Gastronomic Entrepeneur.

Madens Folkemøde is organised by Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD). FOOD is a small non-profit organisation started to nurture and feed the interest in Nordic and Danish gastronomy, nature, agriculture and culinary culture.