Madens Folkemøde, or The People’s Food Assembly, is a new food festival and symposium that takes place on Engestofte Gods on the islands of Lolland-Falster in Denmark. 

The people’s assembly is a Scandinavian concept that provides a space for people, politicians, and industry professionals to meet and debate current issues. 

The People’s Food Assembly is a two-day event bringing together food industry professionals, researchers, and the public. You should join this event if you work with food or have an interest in what we eat and how culinary culture and food production should be in the future. Our ambition is to bring together the entire food scene of Denmark from the ocean and agriculture to the home kitchens and hospitality industry.

We want you to take part in the conversation about the future of Denmark as a leading culinary and food country.

Through debates, talks, workshops, a large food market and an area for children, we create the best possible surroundings for a productive conversation about the future of food.


The islands of Lolland and Falster are located at the southern end of Denmark’s Zealand island, about an hour and a half by car from the capital Copenhagen. Because of the region’s rich soil and favorable climate, Lolland-Falster has traditionally had a strong agricultural tradition, with many manors and estates dotting the landscape.

Engestofte Gods is an old royal estate dating from 1457 situated in the middle of the Maribo Islands Natural Park. The estate covers 830 hectares, including agricultural land, a forest, and a large part of the Maribo Islands. It is owned by the Egeskov family. 

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