2019 Program

The People’s Food Assembly was held for the first time from 10-11 May 2019. The program consisted of more than 75 debates, workshops and show kitchens over two days in Lolland-Faster, and was attended by over 8,000 visitors.

See the full program (in Danish only)

Highlights of the 2019 program in English

  • Debate: Should the Nordic countries take the lead in the green transition? Presentation of the EAT-Lancet Commission on Food, Planet, Health. Presented by the Nordic Council of Ministers and Stockholm Resilience Center
  • Debate: The future of the hospitality industry — long-term planning or political prestige projects? Presented by: Danish Restaurateurs Guarantee Association (REGA)
  • Talk: Coffee grounds are the chef’s caviar – a conversation with Matt Orlando
  • Live podcast: Organic Frontrunners: The Tale of a Vision. Presented by Food Nation
  • Movie: Taste of Skye – followed by a discussion with Claus Meyer
  • Mega baking-workshop with Meyers Madhus (in Danish)
  • Debate: Food for cities: Can we succeed in bringing city and country closer together? Will the involvement of other actors speed up the development? What role does the public play in relation to cities’ access to local food supply? Presented by Slow Food Denmark

Previous speakers from the 2019 People’s Food Assembly

  • Claus Meyer, restaurateur and author
    Claus Meyer is a world-renowned restaurateur and cookbook author. He has been involved in research, consultancy and communication activities for more than 25 years and – via his entrepreneurship – he has worked to fight misery and promote the opportunities and qualities of Denmark’s culinary heritage.

  • Matt Orlando, owner of Amass and Broaden & Build
    American-born Matt Orlando has worked at some of the best restaurants in the world, including Le Bernardin, the Fat Duck, Per Se, and Noma. He opened Amass in 2013, with a focus on sourcing local, sustainable ingredients. He opened the brewery Broaden & Build in 2019.

  • Adam Price, writer-creator and Executive Producer at SAM Productions
    Adam Price is a chef, restaurateur, as well as internationally acclaimed, award-winning screenwriter and playwright. His TV series, Borgen, has won numerous awards including a BAFTA, Fipa d’Or, and Peabody Award.

  • Katherine Richardson
    Katherine Richardson studies the role of biological processes and biodiversity on the cycling of carbon in the upper ocean, and how this impacts food webs and the global carbon cycle. She led a team of researchers on the Galathea 3, a round-the-world cruise that sought to develop a global picture of carbon flow in surface waters of the ocean as well as CO2 exchange between the ocean and the atmosphere.

  • Mark Schatzker, author
    Mark Schatzker is the author of The Dorito Effect and Steak. His award-winng journalism has appeared in in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Condé Nast Traveler and Best American Travel Writing. He is a field reporter for The Dr. Oz Show as well as a radio columnist for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.

  • Kamilla Seidler, chef/owner, Lola
    Danish chef Kamilla Seidler was formerly voted Latin America’s Best Female Chef. She was former head chef at Bolivian restaurant Gusto, ranked among the top 50 restaurants in Latin America, and returned to Denmark to launch Lola, a restaurant and social enterprise based in Copenhagen.

  • Amanda Wood, co-author, EAT-Lancet Commission
    Dr. Amanda Wood’s work explores how food policy, governance and multi-stakeholder collaborations can support healthy and sustainable food systems. Wood coordinates the Stockholm Resilience Centre’s Collaborative Hub for Exploring Food Systems (CHEFS), created to coordinate and support the innovative food-related research at SRC.