The board of The People’s Food Assembly consists of some of Denmark's most prominent people with the food industry. They represent every link in the food chain - from the organic farmer to the conventional big farmer, from the entrepreneur to the politician and the food artisan to the consumer.

The People’s Food Assembly is organised by Food Organisation of Denmark (FOOD). FOOD is a small non-profit organisation. Their vision is to nurture the interest in Nordic and Danish gastronomy, agriculture and culinary culture.  

Mette Touborg, chairwoman 
Head of the Culture and Leisure Administration in the City of Copenhagen

Mette Egeskov, vice chairwoman
Head of Engestofte Gods

Per Kølster
Chairman of Økologisk Landsforening

Henrik Høegh
Deputy Mayor of Lolland Municipality

Kim Rahbek

Anne Birgitte Agger 
Head of the Copenhagen Hospitality College 

Lisbeth Olsgaard 
Head of branding at The Danish Agriculture & Food Council

Claus Meyer

Peter Engberg Jensen
Businessman, former head of Nykredit

Johan Dal
Chairman for Slow Food Copenhagen