At The People's Food Assembly, we welcome both the small producer or grower, the big industry organistion or union, the international and global company, and everyone in between. The common ground is the ambition to support and nourish the debate and dialogue about our food system and culture.  

All legal organizations, companies, parties, educational institutions, etc. can join The People's Food Assembly in one of these four categories:

  • Debates and talks
  • Workshops
  • Food activitives for Children
  • The farmers market 

Reach out!
For inquiries and more information, please contact head of The People's Food Assembly, Sigrid Gjessing, at



Conversations and discussion are at the heart of The People’s Food Assembly. Discuss everything from sustainable production and nature to food traditions and gastronomy. At the People’s Food Assembly, we fill our stomachs with good food and our heads with new knowledge.



In Denmark, we have a leading position when it comes to quality in food and food. At the People’s Food Assembly, you can participate in conversations, tastings and workshops with the most skilled Danish food craftsmen. It's everything from bakers, breweries and fishermen to butchers, chefs and farmers. In short, all the Danish food heroes. We believe that when skilled food craftsmen share experiences with each other and with the Danes, we develop as a food nation.




The People’s Food Assembly offers a variety of workshops and activities for the whole family. We regard the next generation of food eaters as guests of honor, and we invite them for edible, educational and fun experiences. Both large and small can throw themselves into sourdough baking, cooking schools for grandchildren and grandparents, and cooking with insects.

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We have made room for the best producers from the local area and the rest of Denmark, so you can take your family and friends with you for more than

50 food stalls. Taste local wine, beers and spirits made from Lolland sugar beets, sample baked goods made with locally grown flour, and try organic pork from native Danish pork breeds. There's also award-winning chocolate and charcuterie that you can rinse off with sparkling tea and cider.